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        It is difficult to translate this article. 翻譯這篇文章很難。

        It is getting harder every day for a lazy man to get a living. 懶漢謀生是日益困難了。

        What time would it be most convenient for me to call again? 什么時候我再給你打電話*合適?

        It is no use going there so early. 這么早去那里沒有用。

        It has been a great honour your coming to visit me. 你的來訪是我很大的榮幸。

        It is strange that he did not come at all. 真奇怪,他竟還沒來。

        It doesn't matter what you do. 什么都沒關系。


        To translate this article is difficult.

        Going there so early is no use.

        That he did not come at all is strange.


        It seems that John is not coming after all. 似乎約翰終竟不來。

        It happened that John was the only witness. 碰巧約翰是的證人。


        John doesn't seem to be coming after all. John happened to be the only witness.


        I found it difficult to explain to him what happened. 我覺得向他解釋清發生了什么事很困難。

        He thought it no use going over the subject again. 他認為再討論這個問題沒有用了。

        They kept it quiet that he was dead. 他們對他的死保密。

        We must make it clear to the public that something should be done to stop pollution. 我們必須使公眾明白應該采取措施制止污染。


        It was Jane that/who called this morning. 是珍妮今天上午打來電話。

        It was a parcel that she brought him. 她帶給他的是一個包裹。分別強調主語、間接賓語、


        It was John that/who gave Mary a handbag at Christmas. 是約翰在圣誕節給了瑪麗一個提包。

        It was Mary that John gave a handbag (to) at Christmas. 約翰在圣誕節是給瑪麗提包的。

        It was a handbag that John gave Mary at Christmas. 約翰在圣誕節給瑪麗的是一個提包。

        It was at Christmas that John gave Mary a handbag. 是在圣誕節約翰給了瑪麗一個提包。

        It was when she was about to go to bed that the telephone rang. 是在她即將上床睡覺時電話鈴響了。

        It was because I wanted to buy a dictionary that I went to town yesterday. 我昨天是由于想買一本詞典而進城的。

        It was not until his father came back that Tom went to bed yesterday. 昨天湯姆是直到他父親回來才上床睡覺的。(注意句中not 的位置)。